Luke Fronek

Hello! I am the owner of Drone IQ Solutions! I got in this industry to help the consumer in this growing market! I personally needed a drone service for a special event and it was tough to find a company that can do exactly what I was looking for! I found a couple companies that were able to accommodate my needs, but the quotes I received were INSANE! That's when I started doing research on this growing market! A lot of these drone companies or individuals who do drone services don't even have the "FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (PART 107)" which is required for commercial operations! Here at Drone IQ Solutions we are fully licensed and insured! We take safety serious! I am a fully licensed drone pilot myself and I have all my employees get licensed and trained as well! I made this a requirement to be able to complete the jobs in the most safe and effective way possible! I take care of the drone operations and my wife Brooke runs the photography operations! Luxury service, budget friendly!

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Recent Real Estate listing for a realtor!

Camping World

Reno Experience District

Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza Project

Always Prepared!

Here at Drone IQ Solutions we take pride in our work! We stay organized and ready to complete the task at hand.

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Here are some of the services Drone IQ Solutions provide!

  • Real estate pictures and videos
  • Wedding pictures and videos
  • Drone advertising and marketing
  • Construction inspections
  • Construction / job site updates
  • News media coverage
  • Utility inspections
  • Agricultural Inspections
  • Search and rescue
  • Security and surveillance
  • Sports coverage
  • Roof & Gutter imaging

What we are adding this year!

  • Land mapping (in the works)
  • Aerial surveying (in the works)
  • Warehouse inventory management ( in the works)
  • Mapping with lidar (in the works)

Real estate

Real estate

Drones in the real estate industry help see every angle to that awesome listing! We offer videos, pictures, and even interior photos!

  • 83 % of home sellers prefer an agent who can provide drone imaging!
  • High volume agents use drones 3.5% more often than low volume agents!
  • Larger properties and high dollar value homes use drones more often!
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business ads

Business exposure

Businesses have a lot more ways to advertise to the world! Drones can make it even more exciting when showing a different view of the business itself! Using a drone can help with social media presence!

  • Company headquarters
  • Store location
  • Product demonstrations
  • Media coverage
  • Social media ads
  • Website content
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That special moment

Special Events

Aerial coverage of that special day or event can be captured and seen for eternity!

  • Weddings
  • Gender reveals
  • Birthday party
  • Out door events
  • Sports events
  • Music festivals
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land coverage

Aerial Coverage

When it comes to land coverage using drones helps cut the time it would take to drive or walk the land! Helping farmers check on cattle or even fence lines! Basic techniques to observe the land and water ways is another plus! We are working to get LiDar and other tools to be able to scan the land to take a deeper dive in what we can provide to offer!

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Job site

Project updates

Making sure the job site is staying on course takes a lot of recourses and time! Using a drone you can cut cost and get every angle of the site with in minutes instead of countless hours!

  • Job site progressions
  • Building exterior updates
  • Work efficiency
  • Weekly updates
  • Product management
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Making your projects stand out from the rest is what we specialize in! We have packages for any industry!